Development Packages

“I think first impressions are important when you pick up a script.”
- Dennis Farina (actor)

Our tiered packages are used as guidelines because we understand that every story and every writer requires a different level of support. This is why we offer a boutique development service. Unlike our competitors, we don't subscribe to a one-size-fits-all development process. Everything will be tailored to you, your needs, and your project.


A taster package designed to give you the opportunity to experience working with the Script Compass team without committing to a long-term package. And while we would recommend more than one cycle of development, this is a good place to start for those looking for a bitesize introduction to our managed development process.



This package is designed for filmmakers who are looking to grow their story in order to submit their scripts to win funding and embark upon the early stages of development.



This package is designed for filmmakers developing a ‘portfolio-building’ film and for lower-budget film development. This is ideal for filmmakers who need to be production-ready to a tight deadline.



This package is designed for filmmakers who aim to raise significant finance on a screenplay. Alternatively, they might be using a short as a ‘proof of concept’ for feature film or series for development/funding.



This package is designed for filmmakers who are looking to develop a concept or story idea from the start of the research process to the final draft of the script. This is the ideal package for those looking for in-depth research, character building and story structuring. This will help you to build a screenplay in simple, practical steps from the ground up.



This package is designed for high-budget projects and for projects where the eventual delivery MUST be outstanding. This is aimed at filmmakers who require a quote built from the ground up and tailored uniquely at every stage of development. Please see our custom add-ons for a better understanding of additional offerings.


Custom add-ons

As all of our packages are bespoke, we allow you to tailor them to your specific needs which is why we pride ourselves on having a brilliant array of add-ons for you to choose from.

Your assigned writer


We can match you up with an experienced writer who can write your script. This process works in two different ways. Either you can approach the writer with your story concept and work with them and the Script Compass team to develop it, or you can get them to rewrite your existing script while working with the Script Compass team.

Should we match you with a writer or co-writer, we’ll discuss this as a separate agreement with you as they should be offered a screen credit for work they have completed.

Industry connections


Writers and their screenplays will be matched and introduced to directors, casting directors, producers, production companies, and acting talent.

Treatment design and copy


If you’re looking to develop a visually appealing treatment and pitch deck for your project, we’re happy to help. Not only will we craft and edit the copy for this, but we’ll also pair you with a graphic designer who will help to bring your creative ideas to life in a PDF format that’s ideal for sending out to directors, producers, and investors.



See how your script sounds with a read-through by professional actors. Our clients find this incredibly useful because not only does it make their dialogue come alive, it also helps with final cuts and polishing. We would recommend this service for filmmakers in the later stages of the development process.

Grammar and formatting


Nothing turns off a reader like bad grammar and typos. This service is specially designed for filmmakers in the final stages of their development process. We’ll help with correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the script to make for a faultless read.

Polish and redline


For filmmakers in the final stages of development who require a fast script edit. We’ll tighten any scene descriptions, action, and dialogue in order to deliver an industry-standard read. Please note, this service won’t affect the deeper layers of the script, as it won’t be delving into analysis of story or structure.

Budget and schedule


For filmmakers looking to enter their scripts for film funds and festivals. A consulting producer will put together a comprehensive script budget and schedule for delivery of the story.

Awards strategy


A Script Compass consulting producer will devise a strategy for entering your screenplay into a range of different screenwriting awards and film festivals. This will include a comprehensive list of entry requirements and deadlines to ensure you get your screenplay ready for submission.

Deluxe Script Compass Interactive Pitch Deck


The only offering of its kind on the market, Script Compass provides a service that neatly and effectively packages your film to send out to producers, production companies, investors, casting directors, directors, and acting talent. This includes treatment design and copy, schedule, budget, storyboards, team and bios, plus a statement on the journey of the film. This will all be neatly packaged in a custom-designed, private webpage which will include your screenplay. A high-end interactive pitch deck perfectly tailored to your story – and designed to present it at its best.