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We offer guidance to filmmakers by helping them to develop their scripts.

Script Compass is a team of producers, screenwriters, researchers, and development consultants with decades of experience in developing scripts. We are driven by a common goal, to make script development a productive, effective, and professional experience.

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We want to help you produce a script capable of matching your ambitions, whether it is securing representation, winning competitions or raising funding. Our industry-standard development process is straightforward, practical, and good value for money. We help you to avoid mistakes and expensive failures. Development is the most important stage of filmmaking but one that can often be overlooked. A film is made or broken by the quality of the script.


We work with filmmakers to develop scripts to inspire directors and actors, captivate producers, and motivate investors and distributors. We'll guide you to transform a story idea into a working script, while also making it an enjoyable experience. The smart way to get a better script in fewer drafts.


We’re a team of working filmmakers with complementary perspectives and skills. We have expertise collaborating with filmmakers from all backgrounds. Our diverse experience across the film industry is what informs our development process. Our feedback combines our expertise to help every project reach its full potential. Success is a team sport.


Experience has taught us that a collaborative approach gives the best results. We tailor our packages to your needs, to ensure your story grows to its full and unique potential. Unlike companies that provide script notes, we are development consultants. Providing notes is one small part of a larger, more comprehensive, and managed, development process. Creative collaboration is the key to success.

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A collaborative approach

Developing a working relationship with you, and tailoring a programme to your needs.

End-to-end service

Benefit from our guidance, from concept to pre-production, for maximum added value.

Industry professionals at the helm

Enjoy guidance from a dedicated team that knows the industry inside out.

A team effort

Get the most of our expertise with feedback from a team, rather than a single person.

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What is Script Compass?

Script Compass is a script development service that offers filmmakers a professional script development process. We use decades of development experience to ensure your project moves forward rapidly and achieves its full potential.

What is script development?

Script development is the first and most important stage in the creation of a film. Decisions made at this stage make or break a movie. The aim of development is to create a ready-to-produce script that inspires high-value talent, attracts producers, financing schemes and private investors. A script capable of propelling the filmmaker's ambition to the next level.

Why should I use Script Compass?

Our development services help filmmakers in three key ways:

  1. Detailed written analysis and feedback of a quality reserved for high-level productions.
  2. A creative dialogue with industry professionals, to improve every aspect of cinematic storytelling. From the raw concept to your production-ready script, we'll guide your project through every aspect of its development.
  3. Access to feedback from an award-winning consulting producer, to help make the script more attractive to investors and funding schemes.

What makes Script Compass unique?

Script Compass is unique in several ways.

  1. Unlike companies that provide script notes, we are development consultants. Providing notes on the script is one small part of a larger, more comprehensive, and managed, development process.
  2. Our process is based on creative discussion, rigorous analysis, and an understanding of the unique opportunities that each project offers.
  3. While our tiered packages are representative of our pricing structure, every quotation is made bespoke to you and your story – You only pay for what you want from us.
  4. We provide a range of additional services which can be applied to any story – from teaming you up with an experienced writer, to providing professional actors for a read-through of your script.
  5. As well as working with individual filmmakers to enhance their stories, we also work with production companies who require development in-house. Our team is happy to come on board to assist with a project of any size. Please see our process page for more information on this.

Why should I get feedback?

Writing is rewriting. It always takes multiple drafts for a script to be production ready. Receiving detailed analysis, taking on constructive criticism and understanding your story’s goals are a key part of the screenwriting process. Writers can get too close to their material. Sometimes there is a communication gap between what the writer imagines the story to be and what has made it onto the page. An experienced script consultant can help the writer to bridge that gap.

Feedback is also the way a team tackles any divergence between the filmmaker’s ambitions for/view of the film and the writer’s view of it. Development is always a collaborative process. A good development consultant uses feedback to ensure the creative team stays on track and continues to work harmoniously.

Whether you’re a first-time writer, or an experienced professional, receiving high-quality, detailed development feedback is crucial to ensuring your script improves, grows and gets produced.

Can I have my feedback sessions in person?

Yes, this is an option that we’re very happy to offer. Our offices are based in central London, and we love having face-to-face development meetings. If you’re based in London and would like to have your meetings in person this can be arranged from the outset. Face-to-face feedback may also be available in other parts of the UK, please ask us whether it’s possible for your sessions. For international clients, our face-to-face meetings take place via Zoom.

Do you work with clients outside the UK?

Yes, we work with clients all over the world. No matter what time zone you’re in, we’re here to support the development of your script. Sessions for our international clients can take place over Zoom.

My script doesn’t fit your packages. What should I do?

Our tiered packages are simple guidelines which help you to understand what’s included in our offering, and our pricing structure. However, all of our quotes are bespoke to you and your story. We understand that every script and every writer is unique which is why our packages are flexible to suit you.

I work as part of a production company and I’d like your help. Is this something you can offer?

Yes, our team has extensive experience of working alongside production companies to help to develop scripts. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive script development service which caters to the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Do you offer one-off script notes?

We do offer a taster session of development feedback, which includes one round of written notes plus notes on the page, as well as a follow-up consultation to guide you through further development. However, we find that most of our clients get better results and value from a more rigorous script development process which spans more than one development cycle. This package is designed for clients to try before they buy, rather than as a long-term development solution.

I don’t have a script yet, but I have an idea. Can I still use your services?

We cater to the needs of every filmmaker and if you have a brilliant idea that you’d like to develop but haven’t yet found the time to get it onto paper, you’ve come to the right place. We can discuss your concept in person or over the phone. We can help to guide you through the initial stages of the writing process. Alternatively, we can match you up with a skilled writer, who will help you to put your ideas on paper.

Can you edit my script?

Put simply, yes we are able to edit your script - this is an additional service that can be undertaken. As our team includes script editors, we would be happy to offer this process to anyone looking for it. While we don’t edit the detailed content of your story as part of our traditional development process – we won’t cut an entire chunk – our development process will guide you towards making these edits yourself and helping you to see where some ideas are more successful than others.

Can you rewrite my script?

As one of our additional add-ons, we can match you up with an experienced writer who can help you to rewrite your script. Most of our readers are screenwriters, and if their skills and expertise are complementary to your story then they can help you to rewrite your script. If not, then we can help match you with one of our partner writers.

Is my script protected after I send it to you?

Yes, in accordance with our terms of service, all of your ideas are protected and will remain your intellectual property. Each of our readers sign a confidentiality agreement that will protect your work. All we ask is that when you complete a package with us, you use our laurel on the front page of your script which shows that the story has been developed with the help of Script Compass.

Should we match you with a writer or co-writer, we’ll discuss this with you as a separate agreement, as writers and co-writers should be offered credits on scripts they have either written or helped to write. Credit where credit’s due.

Ntando Brown
Director & Writer

“Script Compass helped me to develop my rough screenplay into a script that I’m incredibly proud to share. Thanks to their development expertise, my script is now placing in some of the top screenwriting competitions and gaining the attention of high-profile HODs. Not only did they support me in improving my writing, but they also helped me develop an interactive website to pitch my story.”

Emma Suki
Actress, Producer

"Working with Script Compass on my concept has been an absolute dream! I have loved every minute and felt completely supported by the team from the get-go. I came to them with a concept but no writing background, and the writer that they hired to bring my world to life was phenomenal. I felt completely involved, and am thrilled with the final draft. I can't wait to shoot it."

Frank Berry & Matthew Bates

“Working with the Script Compass Team, you benefit from a wealth of diverse talent, experience and insight in screenwriting and script development. I would recommend them to filmmakers who feel their script is missing 'something', even if you don't know what that something is yet. Whether your script is almost ready, or has a long way to go, they can help you take it to where it needs to be. Whatever your story needs, they can help you find it; by making the right suggestions, highlighting unseen pitfalls, or simply knowing which questions to ask, to steer a script's development into something strong enough to make a successful film. And isn't that what every screenwriter ultimately wants?”

Perry Millward
Actor & Writer

The script compass team took my script from a 21 page story I was not confident with, to a ten page short I now feel confident to share. Through the sessions I learnt how to think more like a screenwriter, visually, cinematically - it’s been like a mini cost effective screenwriting course! . I now have so many more tools to take all that I’ve learnt with me on to my next scripts. As a first time writer, they fostered a sensitive space but also pushed me when needed. Thanks, Script Compass!

Ajuán Isaac–George
Writer, Director, & Producer

I cannot speak highly enough of the time I spent with Script Compass developing my screenplay. I came to them with an extremely personal script and through a carefully crafted and bespoke programme the story blossomed into something incredibly powerful.

Not only did my script improve, but Clive's lessons in bringing stories to life and writing visually, as well as the time I spent with Byron learning to write in a way to actually get your film made, have both made me an overall better filmmaker with skills that will last a lifetime. The process always felt relaxed and (dare I say it!) fun, yet the progress never felt like it had stalled. I can say with 100% certainty that I will work with the Script Compass team again.

Tania Emery
Writer, Director & Actor

When I approached Byron with my latest short film script, I was sure I had a great idea, but I knew the script needed careful editing to really start ‘singing’. If you’re gonna kill your babies, you better have the best council as to what goes. By the end of that week I was working with an impeccable script doctor whose keyboard-side manner nursed me through a process that set my film up to be the sparkling cinematic diamond it is, and without disturbing the spirit or character of the piece. Recognizing that the highest production values would be needed to truly honour the film’s narrative, Byron introduced the project to a dynamic young production company who fell in love with it and threw their weight behind its creation. Because we had such a solid script and production house behind us, we attracted award-winning above and below the line talent. The film is currently in post-production and the team is expecting success at festival level and beyond. I'm looking forward to working with these guys again soon!

Jordan Coolbear
Writer & Director

Script Compass helped to transform my script into something that from the first page would have otherwise been discarded by producers and production companies alike, not because my writing and story was bad but because it was missing the extra layer of depth that makes something great.

They helped me to discover what I was really trying to tell the world, shaping the script from just a story into a physical, marketable product. The team at Script Compass saw my vision and nurtured my strengths, and in just six drafts I have a product that is pitch ready and already gaining interest.

The process is meditative and friendly, a space for honest debate which really allows you to thrive as a writer. Whatever stage or scope your project is at, I urge you to get in touch with them and see what they can do.